Concierge Residential Automatic Power Door Opener

Product Description

EZ-ACCESS Concierge-2300 Residential Door Opener

The concierge is a perfect option for residential customers looking to increase accessibility to any doorways in their home. With just the push of a button, you are able to enter or exit an entryway with ease of mind. This is one of the most cost-effective, lightweight residential power door opener is easy to install without modification to your door or jambs and simply plugs into a regular 115 vac wall outlet. Friends and family can rest easy knowing the CONCIERGE 2300 Residential Power Door Opener offers important safety features such as an adjustable door hold-open time, automatic load-sensor in instances when the door encounters an obstruction and a thermally-protected drive motor.

There are several options you can add to the CONCIERGE 2300 Residential Power Door Opener that are designed to address the accessibility needs of the resident.


  • 1-, 2-, & 4-button remotes, garage door style
  • 1-button remote pendant
  • Exterior, digital keypad
  • Wall-mounted push-plate


The door can always be opened manually from either side (although a key may be required). If the door encounters an obstruction during the opening cycle, the friction clutch will slip, timeout and close. Thermally-protected drive motor.


Electric Strike

Permits door to be secured when closed, but releases automatically when opener receives signal or can be unlocked and opened manually with a key.

Models available for metal or wooden jambs

Silent operation


  • Motor: 115Vac 60Hz gear motor.
  • Product dimensions: 12 3/4 W x 6 H x 3 1/2 D
  • Weight: 10 lbs.
  • Material/Finish: Cover Gray ABS Plastic.
  • Physical Application: For residential side hinged doors. Door mount on pull side (needs 3 1/2 back clearance) - 3 above top of door needed for arm hub. Jamb mount on top of push side. Avoid out-swinging exterior doors.
  • Activation: Dry contact momentary signal, wireless.
  • Requires a 115Vac 60Hz standard outlet (9 foot power cord supplied).
  • No modification of the door or jambs
  • Plugs right into a regular 115vac wall outlet
  • Complete instructions are packed with every door opener
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Fits interior and exterior door applications
  • Left and right hand door openers are available (hand can be changed in the field in a matter of minutes.
  • Low profile model, for limited room above the door

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