Flexible Ceiling/Wall Hoist Lift Rail System

Product Description

The flexible ceiling hoist system

Easy to install in all types of ceilings and walls

The Molift Rail System is a cost-effective solution for hospitals, institutions, nursing and private homes. It is easily integrated and is aesthetically adjusted to the design and architecture of the room. Molift Rail System is an extremely flexible ceiling hoist system built in three main configurations: Single rail system

  • Straight rail and / or Curve rails gives a simple and effective patient transfer for the most common lifting situations such as bed-to-wheelchair.
  • Traverse rail system

  • The most flexible solution which cover the whole needed lifting area independent of refurnish or equipment changes in the room.
  • Room to room transfer

  • When transfer is needed from one room to another or from one rail system to the next system, Molift can provide Room to Room function (Climbing), switch systems or continuing rail systems through doorways etc.

  • Molift Rail System

    Molift Hoists and Slings Catalogue


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